Tropic Rewards™ Terms and Conditions 

Updated: 7/25/2022

These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) govern the Tropic Rewards loyalty program (the “Tropic Rewards Program” or “Program”). 

The Program is operated by Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC (“Tropical Smoothie Cafe”) and subject to these Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms of Use available at (collectively with these Tropic Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, the “Terms”). Defined terms from the Terms of Use not otherwise defined below are incorporated here by this reference. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use shall prevail. 

Any personal information you may provide or we may collect in connection with the Program shall be subject to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe Privacy Policy. 



  • The Tropic Rewards Program is a loyalty program for anyone who is eligible and enrolls in the Program (“Members”).   It may only be available at certain participating Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations. 
  • To be eligible, you must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid email address and mobile phone number.  You also must be a resident of the United States and eligible to use the Services.   You must also have the legal capacity to enter contracts or have the consent of your parent or legal guardian to enroll in the Program and agree to these Terms and the Terms of Use. 
  • Only natural persons are eligible to enroll. No business entities, third-party aggregators, organizations, or groups may enroll in the Program. 


  • Enrollment in the Program is free.
  • You may enroll in the Program via the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app, available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play store, or online at Rewards
  • To enroll, you must create an account (“Tropic Rewards Account” or “Account”) and password, provide your first name and last name, a valid email address, your mobile phone number, your zip code, and select your favorite Tropical Smoothie Cafe location.   You are responsible for all activity on your Account whether or not you authorized it. 
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe may send you messages from time to time using the contact information provided by you. Such messages may include system updates, flash bulletins, marketing communications or event notifications, Program confirmations, administrative announcements, special requests and the like. These may be sent via notifications in the App, via e-mail, other electronic communications, or communicated to you on a receipt or display at the time of use of your Account.  By enrolling in the Program, you grant Tropical Smoothie Cafe permission to send you messages, including promotional emails to the email address provided when you create your Account. To unsubscribe from email, click here, unsubscribe directly from email itself, or contact the Guest Contact Center 
  • You may update your Account information at any time by logging into the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app, logging in online here, or reaching out to the Guest Contact Center. 
  • Enrollment in the Program is personal and non-transferable.   
  • Each Member may have only one Tropic Rewards Account.  You may not use false or fictitious names to create multiple accounts. 
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe reserves the right to limit enrollment at any time. 
  • You agree to provide true and accurate information and to ensure that information provided by you is up-to-date and accurate. Communications with you will be made using the contact information provided by you. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is not responsible for your inability to participate in and receive the benefits of the Program or any other loss arising from your failure to provide and maintain accurate contact information. 


  • The Program is a loyalty program that allows Members to earn and redeem loyalty points (“Points”) for Rewards (as defined below). 
  • Members earn 10 Points for every $1 spent (not including tax and gratuity or amount redeemed using Points) on qualifying purchases. A qualifying purchase means any purchase of food and beverage at a Tropical Smoothie location, except for Excluded Purchases as defined below. 
  • Members can use the Points they earn to redeem Rewards.

Earning Points   

  • To earn Points, Members must be signed into their Tropic Rewards Account when placing an order through the app or online via
  • Members can also earn Points on in-cafe orders by scanning the QR code within the app at the register when placing an order.  
  • If Members forget to use their Tropic Rewards Account when placing their order, they can still earn Points by scanning or entering the barcode on their receipt to their Rewards Account within 14 days of their order.  Receipts older than 14 days will not be accepted. App users can scan their receipts by selecting SCAN from the bottom menu and then scanning the barcode on their receipt.  Online users can enter the barcode on their receipt by accessing their Account online here and selecting Earn Points and then entering the barcode from their receipt.  
  • Members who are logged into their Account (either in the app or online) and use their Account to make purchases are eligible to earn Points on most Tropical Smoothie Cafe purchases. 
  • Points cannot be earned on the purchase of gift cards, donations, tips, service or delivery fees, surcharges, taxes, third-party delivery orders, or catering orders (“Excluded Purchases”).   
  • Points also cannot be earned on orders placed by or on behalf of third-party aggregators, groups, organizations, and business entities. 
  • Points may take up to 24 hours after purchase or receipt submission to be available in a Member’s Account. 
    • Members earn 10 Points for each $1 spent on Tropical Smoothie Cafe beverage and food purchases, after discounts, not including tax, tips, service, or delivery fees.  
  • There is no limit to the total number of Points that can be earned by a single Member, except for promotions that may limit the number of Points collected in a single transaction. 
  • Points only expire if a Member does not make a Tropical Smoothie Cafe purchase using their Account for a period of 6 months. Any previously collected Points will be voided and forfeited after 6 months of inactivity.  

Redeeming Points/Rewards 

  • Members can redeem Points for Rewards like free menu items and other items as specified by Tropical Smoothie Cafe (“Rewards”).   
  • Rewards are subject to availability and may be subject to additional terms and conditions.  
  • Once Members earn enough Points for a specific Reward, they can redeem their Points as follows:   
    • When placing in-cafe orders, Members must redeem Points for the desired Reward via the app ahead of time. Members can then use the Reward in-cafe by scanning the Rewards QR code from the app at the register at time of purchase.
    • When placing an order via the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app, Members who are signed into their Account can redeem Points for the desired Reward in the Offers and Rewards section of the app during checkout.  
    • When placing an online order via, Members who are signed into their Account can redeem Points for the desired Reward at checkout. Only available Rewards will appear during checkout.  
  • Once Points are redeemed for a Reward, the Reward will be added to Member’s Account and available to be used on their next purchase in-café, via the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app or online at 
  • Once added to a Member’s Account, the Reward will only be available to use for 1 hour. If an order is not completed using the Reward within 1 hour, the Points will be returned to Member’s Account and can be redeemed again or saved for a larger Reward. 
  • Once an order is completed using the Reward, the number of Points associated with that Reward will be removed from the Member’s Account.  Points will be restored to a Member's Account only in the event Tropical Smoothie Cafe determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the Reward requested by that Member is unavailable or cannot be delivered.  
  • Determinations regarding the issuance and redemption of Points and Rewards are subject to Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s sole discretion and are final and binding on Members. 
  • Attempts to redeem Points and Rewards multiple times or through multiple Accounts constitutes fraud and may result in the termination or suspension of your Account, among other remedies or actions in accordance with these Terms and appliable laws. 

Bonus Points and Exclusive Offers  

  • Periodically, Tropical Smoothie Cafe will provide Members the opportunity to earn Bonus Points or Exclusive Offers through Member-only promotions or challenges, which may be subject to different or additional terms and conditions.  
  • Bonus Points 
    • As with earning Points, Members must identify themselves as a Tropical Rewards member prior to making purchases eligible for Bonus Points. Refer to the Earning Points section above for additional info.  
  • Exclusive Offers
    • From time to time, you may receive an Exclusive Offer directly in your Account. 
    • Exclusive Offers can be redeemed as follows: 
      • Tropical Smoothie Cafe App: Exclusive Offers are available in the My Rewards and Offers section of the app or at checkout. 
      • Online: Exclusive Offers are only available during checkout.  
      • In-Cafe: Exclusive Offers are available in the My Rewards and Offers section of the app to be used in-cafe by scanning the QR code at the time of purchase. 
      • Additional terms may apply to the Exclusive Offers as may be specified at the time of issuance. 


Refer a Friend Program  

  • Tropic Rewards offers a Refer a Friend program for Members who refer their friends to join Tropic Rewards. The more friends an existing Member encourages to join, the more Rewards that Member can earn. 
  • A unique invite code is used for each Member to track their referrals.  
  • The invite code can be found in the Account section of the app under Refer a Friend.  
  • The invite code can also be accessed online here under Refer a Friend.  
  • Friends may enter the Member’s unique invite code when they join Tropic Rewards. Friends can become Tropic Rewards Members by: 
    • Downloading the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. 
    • Joining online here.  
  • Once a Member’s friend joins and makes their first purchase of at least $5 using their Account, the referring Member will receive a Reward (subject to applicable terms) in their Account. 


  • Non-transferable. A Member’s user ID, QR code to scan and earn, Points collected, Rewards, exclusive offers, or other identifiers used with Tropic Rewards may not be may not be gifted, purchased, sold, bartered, brokered, shared or otherwise transferred by the Member. 
  • Account Deletion.  Members may delete their Account via the Tropical Smoothie Cafe app by navigating to the Delete Account section of the Account page and selecting Delete Now.  By selecting Delete Now, the Member’s Account, including username, password, saved credit cards and other information, will be deleted, and Member will no longer have access to their Account in app or online. Member also will lose any points and rewards associated with their Account.  Once deleted, the Account cannot be reinstated.
  • No Cash Value; No Consideration; Limits on Points and Rewards.  Points, Rewards, and other Member benefits, if any, available via the Program have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash, gift certificates or gift cards, are purely promotional, and do not constitute property of any Member. No portion of any payment for purchases qualifying for the Program or any Points, Rewards or other Member benefits constitute consideration paid for any of the foregoing. Tropical Smoothie Cafe reserves the right to limit the redemption of specific Rewards and limit the number of Points and Rewards available. 
  • User Conduct. By joining the Program, you agree to remain courteous and respectful toward employees, contractors, and agents of Tropical Smoothie Cafe and its franchisees.  You agree not to harass, abuse, stalk, intimidate, threaten or engage in any conduct that harms, harasses, or offends any employees, contractors or agents of Tropical Smoothie Cafe and its franchisees, or others engaged in the provision of services, including the delivery of any orders, or any other Members or third parties. 
  • Availability.  Rewards and Exclusive Offers may not be accepted at some Tropical Smoothie Cafe restaurants, including locations at airports, stadiums, college campuses, office complexes, hospitals and other non-traditional locations. 
  • Expiration of Points and Rewards; Inactive Accounts. Unredeemed Points expire upon the cancellation or termination of your Account as described below. If you have any questions regarding your Account status, please visit the Guest Contact Center. Points, Rewards and Exclusive Offers expire according to the terms associated with such Points, Rewards and Exclusive Offers.  Once Points expire or are used to redeem a Reward, the Points will be removed from a Member’s Account. Points will not be added back to a Member’s Account if the Member does not use those Points before they expire. 
  • Cancellation; Termination. 
    • You may opt-out of the Program at any time, for any reason by cancelling your Account by visiting the Guest Contact Center. If you cancel your Account, any unredeemed Points, Rewards and Exclusive Offers will automatically expire and will no longer be available for redemption. If you re-enroll at any time, your new Account will not be credited with Points, Rewards and Exclusive Offers from your old Account.  
    • Tropical Smoothie Cafe reserves the right to suspend or terminate, at Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s sole and absolute discretion, any Account if Tropical Smoothie Cafe believes that the Account holder has abused Tropic Rewards privileges, has violated or acted inconsistently with these Terms or applicable law, or otherwise acted in a manner harmful to our interests. Tropical Smoothie Cafe reserves the right to refuse fulfillment of any orders, including those placed through a Tropic Rewards Account, if Tropical Smoothie Cafe believes that a Member has violated or acted inconsistently with these Terms or applicable law or acted in a manner harmful to our interests or our franchisees, or may be likely to do so based upon prior communications, conduct, interactions, or similar factors. 
    • Upon cancellation or termination for any reason, your Tropic Rewards Account shall immediately cease, and you may no longer receive Points, Rewards, or Exclusive Offers. Tropical Smoothie Cafe has no obligation to and shall not compensate you for any unredeemed Points, Rewards, Exclusive Offers, or other benefits of the Program following cancellation.  
    • Because we plan our communications in advance, it may take several weeks for your request to become effective. If you continue to receive our communications after expressing an opt-out preference, please let us know so that we can investigate the situation. 
    • Tropical Smoothie Cafe reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the Program, or any or all benefits under the Program or any policy pertaining to the Program, at any time, for any reason, including our right to discontinue the Program, or change the expiration date or redemption value of Points or Rewards, merge the Program with another program, or adjust how Points or Rewards are earned, calculated or redeemed. 
    • If Tropical Smoothie Cafe elects to terminate or modify in a material way the Program or any benefits or policies of the Program, Tropical Smoothie Cafe will provide a notice of the material modification or termination by posting the modification(s) or notice of termination to these Terms and Conditions and updating the “Last Updated” date. We may also attempt to notify you in other ways. Any modifications will become effective immediately after such posting or other such notification. We encourage you to review these Terms regularly for modifications. In the event of termination of the Program, and at Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s election, Tropical Smoothie Cafe may but is not required to allow you to redeem any outstanding valid and unexpired Points, Rewards or Exclusive Offers at a participating Tropical Smoothie Cafe restaurant until expiration of such Points, Rewards or Exclusive Offers. 
  • General Restrictions. Tropical Smoothie Cafe will be the sole arbiter in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or violation of these Terms and any decision it makes relating to termination, suspension, or other disabling of the Program or a Member’s Tropic Rewards Account (including, but not limited to, cancellation or suspension of Points, Rewards, Bonus Points and Exclusive Offers) shall be final and binding. Should you object to any of these Terms, or any subsequent modifications thereto, or become dissatisfied with the Program, your sole remedy is to discontinue participation in the Program and properly cancel your Account in the manner provided above. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, U.S.A., without regard to conflict of laws provisions or principles.