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Tropical Smoothie Cafe App

Q: How can I access the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe App?

A: The new Tropical Smoothie Cafe App is available to download on Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS). When you download the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe App you will be asked to upgrade or sign up for a new account.

Q: Do I have to sign up if I had the old app?

A: To continue using our app, all existing users will need to download the NEW Tropical Smoothie Cafe App and sign in with the email address associated with their existing account. All rewards will transfer over.

Q: I opened the Tropical Smoothie Cafe App and nothing is there?

A: We recommend going to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store to search Tropical Smoothie Cafe and download the new Tropical Smoothie Cafe App. 

Q: This app sounds amazing, but I don’t have a smartphone … can I still get rewarded?

A: Of course you can. Go to to set up an account. Once you have an account, you can earn points on all order ahead orders placed online at If you go into the cafe to make a purchase, ask the cashier if they have phone number look-up with Tropical Rewards. If they do then the location can award you points via the point of sale system. If they don't, you will be unable to earn points for your purchase at that cafe. 

Q: I just upgraded my account, I do not see any of my existing rewards?

A: Contact our Guest Contact Center in app or via our web portal available at

Q: I use the old app, how do I find out what email is associated with my account to upgrade?

A: The email you used to create your account ​is the one that receives all of our promotional emails and receipts for your transactions. If you cannot find any emails from Tropical Smoothie Cafe, no problem -- reach out to our Guest Contact Center at

Q: Will I lose my status (tier) when I upgrade my account?

A: No, in fact to thank you for upgrading your account. We will be automatically upgrading all existing Tropical Rewards members to the next tier level for a year.

Q: Will my existing Rewards be transferred over or will I lose Rewards?

A: Yes your existing rewards will be transferred over, you will not lose rewards. Additionally, your remaining Tropical Rewards credit will round up to the next whole dollar, be converted to a reward and have an extended expiration of 30 days after you upgrade your account.

Q: What if I’m already a Tropical Rewards member? 

A: Then you are that much closer to more rewards! When joining (either via the app or online), make sure you select that you need to upgrade your existing account. All your rewards will be transferred over.  

New Tropical Rewards Members

Q: What is the Tropical Smoothie Cafe rewards program?

A: We like to shine a little extra sunshine on our loyal Tropical Rewards members with exclusive offers, craveable rewards and Tropic Time News. Plus, the more you spend, the more you earn.
Spend $1, get 1 point. For every 55 points, get a $5 reward.

Q: What do I get for joining Tropical Rewards?

A: New members of the Tropical Rewards program will enjoy exclusive offers, craveable rewards and all Tropic Time news. Plus, the more you spend, the more you earn. Spend $1, get 1 point. For every 55 points, get a $5 reward. 

Q: Can anyone become a Tropical Rewards member?

A: Yes, anyone 13 years or older can be a Tropical Rewards member. 

Q: Do I get a reward on my birthday?

A: Yes, we love to celebrate birthdays at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Birthday gifts are based on your loyalty tier and range from a $2 reward to a free menu item!

Q: Do I need to download the app to be a Tropical Rewards member?

A: Our app is the best way to experience the Tropical Smoothie Cafe rewards program, however, you are not required to download the app. You can join and use the rewards program by visiting and signing up! 

Q: Can I have more than one rewards account?

A: Each guest can only have one Tropical Rewards account. 

Q: I think I signed up with the wrong email and I already have an account? Can I merge accounts?

A: Please reach out to our Guest Contact Center in the app or online at and they can help with this request. 

Existing Tropical Rewards Members

Q: What do I do if I forget my username and/or password?

A: If you have any issues with signing in, please reach out to our Guest Contact Center in the app or online at and they can help with this request. 

Q: What changed in the Tropical Rewards program? 

A: The program transitioned from a dollar-based program to a point-based program. Additionally, you have new ways to earn rewards. However, the core of the Tropical Rewards program remains the same. Same tiers, same awesome rewards.

Q: Do I get points for purchases I made before I joined the program? 

A: If you were a Tropical Rewards member prior to September 28, 2020, any existing rewards will transfer over. Because points will not be transferred over, we are upgrading your loyalty tier level for one year. If you are a new member to Tropical Rewards, you will start earning points after joining. Receipts from visits prior to your join date are not eligible for points. 

Q: How do I refer a friend? Do I get a reward for referring a friend to Tropical Rewards?

A: Within your app, tap "More" and then "Invite Friends." A unique invite code will be displayed. Just have your friends enter your invite code when they join the Tropical Smoothie Cafe rewards program. Once your friend makes his/her first purchase, we will send you a free smoothie!

Technical Help

Q: What do I do if I am unable to scan my QR Code?

A: If you cannot scan your QR code from the app to earn points or redeem offers within the app, don't worry - a cafe crew member can look you up by phone number. Also, you can keep your receipt and scan the receipt into the app to earn points on your purchase.

Q: What if I forget to enter a receipt on my account for points?

A: If you did not order online, through the app, or scan your QR code at checkout, you must enter the code on your receipt for points. Receipt codes can only be added to your account for points within 14 days of your visit. 

Q: I tried to scan a receipt for rewards, and it says “Check in limit reached”

A: For security purposes, we limit the number of scans per guest per day, and require a brief waiting period between two scans. If you experience this error, be sure to wait, and scan your receipt again a little later.

Q: Can I earn points on a receipt from 4 weeks ago?

A: For security purposes, a receipt older than 14 days will not be accepted by the app. 

Q: Is paying through the Tropical Smoothie Cafe App secure?

A: Guests will be able to pay for order ahead transactions in the app with a linked card on file through our Online Ordering Partner, OLO.

OLO powers online and mobile ordering for more than 150 popular restaurant brands. The OLO Card-on-File solution is fully PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS compliance is a set of requirements designed to ensure that companies process, store and transmit credit card information securely to avoid credit card fraud, hacking and other security breaches.

Q: Who has access to my information?

A: Tropical Smoothie Cafe will only have access to the information guests provide and will never share that information. We do not store user passwords. 

Q: I received a birthday reward, where did it go?

A: Birthday rewards are sent 2 days prior to the birthday entered when you signed up, and set to expire 30 days after. If you can’t see your reward, please contact our Guest Contact Center in app or via our web portal available at

Q: Why does Tropical Smoothie Cafe require my location?

A: We use your location to find cafes that are closest in proximity to you.

Q: How do I check my point balance?

A: You can check your points balance by signing into the Tropical Smoothie Cafe App. 

Rewards and Points

Q: How do I redeem an app unlock promo code? 

A:  1. Download or open our app Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) & create or sign in to your Tropical Rewards® account 2. Click on the Rewards tab at the bottom 3. Scroll to the bottom & click “Activate Promo Code” 4. Enter provided promo code to unlock your offer 5. Offer will show up as a Reward within your Tropical Rewards® account 6. Redeem your Reward via order ahead in the app or online or scan the Reward in-cafe at time of purchase

Q: How do I redeem a reward? 

A:  If you’re placing an order through the app or online, rewards can be added at checkout from the offers section. If you are in cafe, click “Redeem in Cafe” under the Rewards icon at the bottom menu. Then show the cashier your reward. You can redeem rewards on anything at Tropical Smoothie Cafe except gift card purchases.

Q: Do my rewards and tier level ever expire?

A: Yes. Rewards expire after 30 days. Your point accrual / tier level expires every year. 

Q: Do I need to be a rewards member to participate in Tropical Smoothie Cafe's rewards program?

A: Yes, you must be a registered Tropical Rewards member to participate. If you were a rewards member prior to September 28th, you need to upgrade your rewards account. 

Q: Do all Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations participate in the Tropical Rewards program?

A: Tropical Rewards is nationwide program. However, there may be cafes that are not able to scan for points in cafe or accept rewards or offers.

Q: How do I earn points from my purchases?

A: It's easier than ever to earn points with the Tropical Rewards program. You will earn points by placing an order on your Tropical Smoothie Cafe App when signed in, placing an order on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe website when signed in, scanning the barcode on your receipt, giving your phone number to your cashier (make sure your phone number is added to your rewards profile), and scanning your QR code at the register. 

Q: How will I know if I earned or received a reward? 

A: You will receive a push notification through the app and/or an email depending on what notifications you signed up for. 

Q: Will I get points on gift card purchases? 

A: No. The person you are purchasing the gift card for will receive the points when he/she redeems the gift card. 

Q: Does it cost money to be a Tropical Rewards member?

A: No, it's a free program. 

Q: Can I redeem my points for cash?

A: No.  Points will be converted to rewards for cafe purchases and cannot be converted to cash. 

Q: Do I have to use all my rewards at once?

A: You can only use one reward on a purchase at a time.

Q: What if my purchase doesn’t use the full amount of my reward?

A: Any remaining amount left on the reward will not be available for use after you complete your purchase.

Q: Can I use a Tropical Rewards offer or reward with another coupon?

A: No, rewards and offers cannot be combined with any other offer. 

Q: Can I redeem offers with my online/order ahead purchase?

A: Yes, just make sure you hit "redeem" in the Tropical Smoothie Cafe App before you enter your purchase information. If ordering through desktop, make sure you log into your Tropical Rewards account. 

Q: Do I earn points on orders placed through third party ordering or delivery services?

A: Unfortunately, no. Any delivery order placed through any site other than is not eligible for points.

Q: When will I see points in my account?

A: It may take up to an hour to see your points posted to your account.