9 Ways to Celebrate the Winter Holidays

Hint: Best enjoyed with one of Tropical Smoothie’s Cranberry Smoothies. 

Spending time with family and loved ones is one of the many reasons we enjoy the holiday season. And our seasonal flavors, Cranberry Truffle and Very Berry Cranberry are the perfect beverages to bring along on the adventures! Here is a list of fun activities to enjoy with friends, family and smoothies this winter:

  1. Go ice skating
  2. Roast marshmallows around a fire
  3. Host a dessert party 
  4. Order Tropical Smoothie Café’s new Cranberry Smoothies for the office 
  5. Host a vision board party to plan for the new year 
  6. Go on vacation
  7. Surprise your loved ones with a Tropical Smoothie Café Gift Card
  8. Exchange recipes and bake together at your house
  9. Take a break from cooking by going to your favorite restaurant

Go ice skating

Whether hockey style or figure skating style, ice skating is a great way to get exercise and interact with your loved ones. Use one hand to help keep them from falling and keep your smoothie in the other! 

Roast marshmallows around an indoor or outdoor fire 

You don’t need chestnuts to have a fun time around the fire! How do you put a chestnut on a stick anyway?! Cozy up close and see how toasted marshmallows complement the tangy and tart flavors of our Cranberry Smoothies.

Host a dessert party 

Cookies, cakes, and pies, oh my! Host a potluck where everyone brings a different dessert. Bring a couple of Cranberry Truffle Smoothies on the side and you’ll be able can to a hint of white chocolate with every sip.

Order Tropical Smoothie Cafés new Cranberry Smoothies for the office 

Share holiday cheer for all to hear… and taste! Nothing brings a smile to a team member’s face like an unexpected smoothie! Order online and you can pick them up on the way to the office.

Host a vision board party to plan for the new year

Put together a collection of images and words to provide you motivation in the coming year and give you concrete goals. When it’s time to get creative and make plans, a smoothie can give you a burst of energy that keeps you going strong. Add in an energizer supplement to give you a little extra kick of caffeine.

Go on vacation

Head out on the road to see your friends and family. Stop by one of our cafés on the way to refuel. If you can’t go on an actual vacation, you can still get a little taste of the tropics with our smoothies which all contain real fruit.

Surprise your loved ones with a Tropical Smoothie Café Gift Cards

Encourage your loved ones to try the food you love with a Tropical Smoothie Café gift card. Maybe they’ll return the favor next year!

Enjoy your favorite winter treats by exchanging recipes and baking together at your house

When the oven is constantly running and you have lot of warm guests, it can get a bit toasty in the house. Cool down with a frosty-cold smoothie.

Take a break from cooking at home by going to your favorite restaurant

Don’t get worn out or rundown by too many activities and responsibilities over the holiday season. Give yourself a break from the work of cooking, clean, and hosting by going out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Find a location near you and let us handle the cooking!